Saturday, March 13, 2010

Non-Laminated Breakfast Potatoes

I'm not much of a breakfast food eater but I do love well-done hash browns with onions in them. Through the years I've tried various methods to make them look and taste as good as some we've had in restaurants, but every attempt has been a failure until this morning, when a web search took me to Monica's blog:

I adapted her method for my own requirements (had to have onions in them), using extra virgin olive oil, russet potatoes, and Vidalia onion, seasoned at the end with salt, garlic powder and dried dill weed. Almost forget to say that after frying I drained the potatoes on a paper towel and patted the tops as well.  Here is my result:
Oh...and as far as the "non-laminated" goes, these were the first ever breakfast potatoes I made that didn't have to be sand-blasted off the bottom of the skillet.  Secrets were, I think, lots of oil to coat the bottom of the pan, despite it being so-called non-stick, and cutting the potato into very small cubes and then drying them off with paper towels before frying.  They have to be left in place a few minutes before you start tossing them to get all sides crisp, each time you toss letting that arrangement cook (on medium high heat) for a couple of minutes.

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Monica H said...

I'm so glad you had success with my recipe for breakfast potatoes. Everytime I made them theywere good but a little soggy until my grandma told to NEVER rinse the potato since it absorbed so much unseen moisture. And she's right! Ever since I stopped rinsing them and started wiping them they've always cooked faster and were crisper. Who knew?

Grandma's are the best. So glad you liked them!

xoxo, Monica